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Anavar in Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding is a sport that has always focused on muscle mass, lean definition and aesthetic athleticism. The ultimate aim is for competitors to look as physically intimidating and impressive as possible, while at the same time paying close attention to factors like symmetry and balance.

Over the years though, the original goals of bodybuilding have somewhat changed. In the golden age, the sport focussed much more on the aforementioned aestheticism and symmetry. Back then, competitors like Frank Zane were celebrated for recreated the kinds of physiques we would see in Superhero comics, or in Ancient Greek sculptures.

Today, the focus is much more on pure size and strength. The winner of Mr Olympia is very often the bodybuilder who can pack on the most muscle mass – sometimes at the expense of things like flat abs (owing partly at least to ‘roid gut’).

Steroids and Bodybuilding

This is partly the result of the introduction of steroids. When steroids first found their way to the sport around the 50s, competitors began using them in relatively small quantities. This led to more muscle mass and lower body fat and that in turn was something that audiences seemed to eat up and want to see more of.

This then created a vicious cycle. Bodybuilders used steroids which created a demand for huge physiques and made those same steroids a necessity.

Technically, steroid use is banned by the IFBB (not to mention being illegal) but the organization is well aware that it has become a big part of the sport. As such, the checks are designed in such a way as to give bodybuilders plenty of time to avoid being caught. It’s a well-known fact that steroid use is rampant in bodybuilding and that there is no well-known athlete not using them.

Over time, steroids have also become more and more advanced, as has knowledge of how to use them. Today, bodybuilders use much more complex stacks of different drugs to create all kinds of effects and much more muscle mass than would otherwise be possible.

Where Does Anavar Come In?

Anavar fits into this equation nicely as a steroid that has relatively low side effects while improving hypertrophy and fat loss via DHT regulation. In other words, Anavar is the perfect steroid for many bodybuilders to add to their stack and can increase the effects of other steroids without drastically increasing the negative consequences. On its own, Anavar won’t do a great amount at that level. However, it is often taken alongside things like Trenbolone and Winstrol.

Should you follow suit? Certainly not. The damage that bodybuilders are causing to themselves with these stacks is immense and it is widely considered a big problem within the sport.

For the rest of us, there are much safer and healthier ways to trigger muscle mass. A great example is Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. This is a completely legal and natural product that is designed specifically to replace Anavar and to stimulate many of the same effects.

Anvarol Review

Anavar for Women – Benefits, Side Effects and Alternatives


Anavar is often considered the ‘girl steroid’ bas it is one of the most suitable for use by women. That’s partly due to the way that Anavar works but also partly due to the fact that Anavar is significantly weaker when compared with other steroids and doesn’t have as drastic effects full stop. Both the positives and the negatives of Anavar are far less pronounced when compared with something like Dbol which makes it the most suitable choice both for beginner men and all women.


The Benefits

So what can you expect to see if you use Anavar as a woman? This raises a substance called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body, which is a more potent form of testosterone. At the same time though, DHT doesn’t have many of the same side effects as testosterone and doesn’t trigger the same amount of hair growth and other secondary sex traits.


That said though, Anavar (also known as oxandrolone) can still have some androgenic effects and will still increase testosterone as well.


Ultimately, the positive benefits that emerge from this are increased anabolism. That means more muscle growth and more strength. At the same time, this also enhances fat loss and women can expect to get a much leaner look as a result. Steroids that work on DHT are particularly beneficial in this regard seeing as DHT does not metabolise into oestrogen – which is responsible for increased fat storage and water retention.


In other words, Anavar is effective at increasing hypertrophy for women to impressive effects (relatively) and is also effective in burning fat and making that muscle appear leaner, harder and more defined.


Side Effects

As mentioned, Anavar is less likely to cause the formation of secondary sexual characteristics in women as compared with something like Dbol – which generally isn’t recommended for women.


That said though, Anavar is also not safe by any means. In fact, Anavar can still increase body hair, deepen the voice and even interfere with the menstrual cycle of women. For these reasons, women need to look out for those side effects and also be very careful to keep their dosage low. For women, doses of around 10-15mg a day are recommended for cycles of 4-6 weeks.


Anvarol product picAlso important to note is that Anavar can have some other negative effects. Anavar raises cholesterol for instance and this can potentially lead to heart problems if you have pre-existing conditions. It also increases blood pressure. It’s also important to check for kidney problems prior to using Anavar. And of course, like most steroids, Anavar can also put a serious strain on the liver which may be fatal in rare cases.



For these reasons, women and men alike would do well to consider alternative solutions. Anvarol from Crazy Bulk is one such alternative. This is a natural product made entirely from nutrients, herbs and other ingredients that can be obtained naturally in the diet. However, the ingredients have all been shown in studies to stimulate the body’s own production of testosterone and DHT to impressive levels. It’s safe, legal and very effective for female bodybuilders.

Anavar for Men – How Can Anavar Help Men With Cutting


If you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, model or just a guy who wants to look stronger and build more muscle, then you may have considered steroids as a potential means of making those things happen.


canstockphoto11159025But at the same time, you might well have found the prospect of using steroids daunting. This is no small decision. For starters, steroids are illegal and in using them, you will potentially open yourself up to fines and maybe even be ostracized by your community. This also means buying steroids from unregulated sources and funding criminal enterprises – things that you really need to take into account.


Another thing that makes steroids scary is the fact that they cause a number of serious side effects. For men in particular, one of the scariest of these side effects is the potential to impair natural testosterone production. The very same increased muscle mass, energy, motivation and sex drive that makes steroids so popular can end up being completely lost as a result of this abuse and that can leave you permanently reliant on HRT (hormone replacement therapy).


So what’s the right answer for guys? One popular choice is Anavar. Let’s take a closer look at that…


What is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid just like any other that can be used to increase muscle mass, burn fat, aid recovery and generally enhance performance and results in the gym.


What makes Anavar particularly popular is the fact that it is less potent than many other steroids. This thereby reduces the damaging effects that it has on the liver and it also means that you’re less likely to see other side effects such as hair loss, or the aforementioned impotence.


Also helping with this is the fact that Anavar doesn’t bind to the androgen receptors and thereby directly stimulate testosterone. Instead, it increases the amount of DHT in the body which is a similar hormone to testosterone but actually more potent in terms of muscle mass and fat loss. Better yet, DHT doesn’t get converted to oestrogen and that means no gynecomastia and no fat storage. It also means that testosterone levels are less effected.


How Men Can Use it for Cutting

Because Anavar raises DHT rather than just T, this means that it’s well suited to cutting and won’t increase water retention or fat storage via oestrogen. Other steroids that do bind to androgen receptors – such as Dianabol – are better suited to bulking.


Anvarol product picAt the same time, Anavar is a good choice for men who want to try and protect their endogenous testosterone levels – and especially when they use it in small doses and use a post cycle therapy stack to fix their natural production subsequently.


Despite all this though, DHT is not entirely safe and can still have many unwanted side effects. The bigger problem is that the low doses used to avoid the negative side effects may actually lead to barely noticeable results – without completely eliminating the chance of impotence etc.


For these reasons, the better option for men looking to cut is in fact to use something like Anavar that isn’t actually a steroid. Anvarol is an excellent example of something that can increase cutting for men without affecting natural testosterone production at all.

Anavar Cycle – Length, Dosage and Results


canstockphoto18537063Guys looking to build maximum muscle mass might be interested in using steroids.

However, guys looking to protect their natural testosterone production and not cause severe, potentially fatal liver damage, probably won’t be interested in steroids.

Bit of a catch 22 isn’t it?

As usual, the right answer is just to accumulate as much knowledge as possible and to ensure that you know what all your options are. There are alternatives to steroids that can be nearly just as effective without presenting anywhere the same number of dangerous risks. Likewise, there are some far less potent steroids that might offer almost a ‘compromise’ for guys looking to experiment.

Falling into that latter category is Anavar. This is a steroid that is far less potent than other alternatives and that doesn’t increase oestrogen. It’s also far less damaging to a man’s natural testosterone production. But to use it safely while still getting the benefits, you need to think carefully about choosing your dosage and your cycle. Let’s look at how best to do that.

Dosage and Cycle

If you’re hoping to reduce the side effects of Anavar as much as possible, then you might be interested in going as low as 20mg with your dosage. When used at this level, the results you get in the gym might be very marginal. At the same time though, you are much less likely to negatively impact your natural testosterone production. Studies show that Anavar used at this dosage does have some impact on natural testosterone after 8 weeks and you should still use post cycle therapy. That said though, you stand very little chance of being permanently affected and relying on HRT for the rest of your life.

On the other end of the spectrum are those people who use Anavar at high dosages of around 100mg. At this level, you can expect to see much stronger results from the drug and at the same time, far more side effects and more serious health risks. Used in this way, Anavar essentially becomes very similar to other steroids.

Most guys choose to use Anavar somewhere in the middle. 30-40mg is a good starting point and will help to encourage muscle mass without causing any serious health problems.

Anvarol CTAYou can also stack Anavar with other drugs. With Clenbuterol it will enhance fat burning while still not causing much of an effect on the liver or testosterone. With something like Winstrol, it can add a little to an already potent drug.

Anavar should be cycled for 8 weeks on, followed by two weeks of PCT.


If you’re looking for a method of building muscle that is genuinely safe, then Anavar is not it. Unfortunately, Anavar will still risk damaging your testosterone levels and is very bad for your liver, your cholesterol and your overall health.

Anvarol on the other hand is actually good for you. This is a product from Crazy Bulk that uses only natural ingredients to gently stimulate the body to produce more of its own testosterone. The results are the same but none of the same risks or negative effects are present.

Anabolic Effects of Anavar


canstockphoto5114009Anavar is an anabolic steroid. What this means, is that it encourages muscle growth and to some extent fat loss.


To help understand what anabolism is, it’s useful to remember that your body is at its most anabolic when you’re asleep. During this time, the body goes about repairing all the damage caused in the day. It takes the protein from your diet and uses this to help you create new neural connections in your brain, to repair muscle tissue and to heal wounds. If you’re young, then this is also when the body grows.


What tells the body to do this? Human growth hormone and anabolic hormones like testosterone, insulin and DHT.


Meanwhile, when you’re awake, your body is ‘catabolic’. This means that it is burning fat and even muscle in order to provide energy for movement and thinking. There are certain parts of the day where your body is more anabolic though, such as after a workout when your testosterone levels are highest.


So when you use anabolic steroids, this increases anabolism. As a result, your body uses more protein to heal wounds and build more muscle. And at the same time, this same process also burns fat because building muscle requires a fair amount of energy.


How Anavar Works

As an anabolic steroid then, Anavar increases anabolism so that you build more muscle throughout the day and when asleep and so that you burn more fat to reveal that lean muscle mass underneath.


So how does this work?


In the case of Anavar, this works by increase the amount of DHT in the body. Anavar is technically known as oxandrolone and is a precursor to DHT. This means that the body can use it in order to create more DHT.


What’s DHT? It’s an anabolic hormone that is very similar to testosterone. Specifically, DHT stands for ‘Dihydrotestosterone’ and it can be thought of almost as a more ‘advanced stage’ version of testosterone. DHT has the same effects on the body when it comes to building muscle and burning fat but it also doesn’t get converted in oestrogen like testosterone does and won’t make you hairier or cause your hair to fall out.


That said, it’s worth noting that Anavar will still raise testosterone to some degree as well.


Anvarol product picThe Anabolic Effects

So what effects should you expect to see? As with any anabolic steroid, you can expect Anavar to increase the size of your muscles at the same time as enhancing definition. You’ll look bigger and bulkier but also a lot more ripped and you’ll be able to make out more striations on the muscle.


On the downside though, Anavar only delivers a very mild version of these effects. Anavar is a very weak steroid and is mainly taken in conjunction with other PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) or when people want to build more muscle without causing as many health risks.


In fact, you can probably get the very same benefits from a ‘non-steroid’ testosterone booster such as Anvarol. And the good news about something like Anvarol is that it is completely legal and safe – unlike Anavar.

Get the Abs of a Champion Fighter!


Anyone who works out in the gym is a warrior. If you’re training in the gym several hours a week, it means you’re not content to just sit on the couch and it means you’re keen to keep your body in top fighting form.


But real fighters take it one step further. These guys literally test their bodies in the ring on a regular basis and they’re hard as nails as a result. And it’s no coincidence that they all have ripped abs – whether they’re boxers or MMA pros.


In this workout, we’ll be learning from 2x Gold Medallist Boxer and North American Muay Thai Champion Andrew Raposo. This is the workout he uses to keep his mid section in shape and it’s probably quite different from what you’re used to seeing in the gym.




Long Plank Walk Outs

For this, you’re going to start as though you were in the top of a push up position. From there, you’re going to walk your hands in toward your legs and as you do, you’re going to find your butt points up in the air. Once you’ve come all the way in, go back out again and that’s one rep. You’re going to repeat this for five reps.


To make life harder, you can put your hands further above your head during each rep. You might have noticed that this is essentially the same exercise as an ab roll out, except that you’re not going to need anything to roll on. It’s brutal for your transverse abdominis.


Plank Arm Taps

Staying in plank but resting on your hands, you’re now going to tap your armpit with one hand, then swap sides. Do this ten times on each side. Once again, you can stretch the arms out farther to make it harder. Make sure that you’re really contracting the abs through the entire movement.


Box Planks

Now you’re going to move so your hands are beneath your shoulders and your knees are beneath the hips. Your toes will be touching the floor though and you’re going to use this to slightly raise the knees off the ground. Now you’re going to take one hand off the ground as well. Don’t move the hips too much, just keep your body nice and steady. This is a really touch variation on your usual plank and you’re going to have to really tighten the transverse abdominis and the obliques to keep yourself stable.


Hold for a few seconds then do the same on the other side. Ten reps for each side.


Thought that was tough? Good… Now you’re going to do it twice more for a total of three rounds. If you’re feeling tough, you can do the whole thing without coming out of the plank position at all: so you’re just moving from one of the postures to the next. The whole thing is quite brutal for the abs and you should find that you’re begging to throw in the towel by the end!

Blast Your Butt in 10 Minutes


A lot of guys ignore their glutes in the gym. Training the bum is for women right? It’s embarrassing to be caught training your ass – unless you’re training it off.


But in reality, every guy really should be training their buttocks. Not only is it actually a great way to pick up women (women love guys with a nice behind, just like we enjoy women to have a toned bum) but it’s also a great way to burn more calories and build more power. The glutes are a big muscle group, responsible for driving power through the floor when we jump or squat. They’re super important and they’re highly anabolic.


So, how do you go about doing ‘bum day’ (that needs a new name). Here’s one routine you can try out at home. It’s a circuit and it’s nice and fast. So perform these exercises three times with a break in between each one.



15 x Butt Extensions

You’ll need a mat or a soft patch of carpet for this. Lie on the ground and then lift the leg up behind you. This will seem pretty easy but it gets a lot harder on round three after everything else you’re going to be doing. But, if you’re still struggling with it being too easy, you can toughen it up by using a resistance band wrapped around both ankles.


15 x Leaning Hip Abductors

Now lean against the wall and raise one leg out to the side. This will work your hip abductors, which are found on either side of your buttocks. Again, these are muscle groups often ignored by guys but that can result in the legs looking skinny at the top. This move also slightly trains the obliques as you hold that leaning position.


Sumo Double Pump Jump Squats

A double pump jump squat is a jump squat with a small ‘bob’ in between. So bounce your body up slightly and back down, then launch yourself up in the air. As a sumo variation on the usual move, you’re going to be sitting deeper with a wider stance. This will really work the glutes. Keep your chest upright while you perform these moves.


Stiff Leg Deadlifts

These are deadlifts performed with entirely straight legs. So you’re bending instead at the waist and that means you’re going to be using the erector spinae and you guessed it – the glutes. You don’t actually need any weight for this, just really tense the buttocks as you go through the motion and you should really feel it working the region.


At the same time though, you can of course increase the difficulty slightly by lifting some light weights off the ground too as you go for each rep.


This is another sign of just how involved the glutes are in moves like the deadlift. When you train your butt it will help you to keep your core stable and will prevent you from arching your spine. Just one more reason to make sure that you’re hitting these muscles!

The (Almost Relaxing) Ab Shredder Workout


Looking for a workout that’s straightforward but highly effective for training the abs and the core?


This routine is made of just four movements. It’s called the ‘Ab Shredder’ workout and it comes from Insane Home Fat Loss. And yeah, as the name suggests, it’s highly effective for shredding the abs and revealing some real detail in the mid-section. Best of all though is that it’s also really simple and straightforward. Dare we say it? It’s almost relaxing seeing as most of the movements don’t require excessive speed or complex movements that are tough on the joints.


Give it a go and you’ll see what we mean! This is a great workout for doing before bed, first thing in the morning, or just whenever you’re low on energy and you’re struggling to find that motivation to keep training!


Here’s the routine…



Windshield Wipers

To perform windshield wipers, you’re just going to lie flat on your back with your legs pointing straight up. From here, you’re then going to let your feet rock down to the left, bring them back up to the middle, and then let them rock down to the right again.


Now, we said that this workout wasn’t too intensive and this is actually important for this move. This isn’t about speed, it’s about control, so really feel your abs working and you’ll be training the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and obliques all at once.


Bent Leg Raises

Next up comes the bent leg raises. These are just the usual leg raises (lying on the floor, raising the legs straight up) but with a slight bend at the knees. That bend at the knees is useful because it lets you perform the reps in a more gentle and controlled manner and this means you can again really focus on using your stomach to raise the legs rather than your hips. Your body shouldn’t look like it’s folding in half on each rep, rather you should be rolling the abs and bringing the legs up slowly as you crunch your stomach. It’s a subtle difference but it’s the key to success in all ab training.


Side Plank Thrusters

Side plank thrusters involve leaning on one arm so your body is facing to one side. Now you’re just going to let your hips dip toward the ground, before raising them right back up. This is one that really works the obliques and is also a nice isometric hold for the rest of the core. Once again though, it’s better to perform it nice and slow and nice and gentle.


Old School Sit Ups

Finally, you can’t beat the old classic! Just perform some old-school sit ups with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. If you have a friend around, get them to hold your feet to help you isolate the abs more, otherwise tuck them under something. Just like gym class!


And there you go: an ab shredder workout that shows you don’t have to half kill yourself to build a solid core!

A Workout to Build Pull Up Strength and Endurance


When it comes to measures of fitness and strength few things can come close to the pull up. Pull ups are fantastic for demonstrating strength, as you’re using nothing but your own body and can perform them anywhere. This is an exercise that is very easy to learn and almost impossible to master.


What’s more is that it’s functional, it’s useful and it’s cool. This is the kind of move you could legitimately use in a real world situation to climb a tree or mount a wall – and it requires an excellent ‘strength to weight ratio’.


So how do you get to the point where you are just boss at pull ups and can beat any guy in a pull-up competition?


One of the most accomplished pull up champs on YouTube is no doubt Corey Hall and it turns out he wasn’t born that way – he has a rather intensive training regime he uses to create that pull up endurance and strength. Here is what it looks like:




15 Pull Ups With Weights


20 Pull Ups Without Weights

Corey starts off by performing 15 pull ups with 15lbs of weight. This is more than a lot of people can do to begin with! From there, he then drops the weight off and immediately dives into 20 reps of regular pulls ups, making sure to lock the arms out on each rep.


For the initiated, this of course will be familiar: it’s a drop set. What’s more, it’s a drop set with a high rep range that really tests endurance and tests how far you can go.


12 Wide Pull Ups With Weights


10 Wide Pull Ups

Next up, Corey drops the weight to 10lbs and performs the same thing with a wider grip. This involves the lats more and straight after the above, it’s going to really test endurance even more.


8 Pull Ups With Heavy Weights


Now Corey goes for power and puts the weight up high. In his case, he goes to 35lbs. If you’re reading all this and thinking ‘not in a million years’, keep in mind that you don’t have to use the same weight – just the same level of challenge. You can do this same workout with half the weight and with fewer reps, as long as it’s challenging your power and endurance. The trick is to keep trying to ‘one up’ yourself.


8 Explosive Pull Ups With Slow Negatives

After that, you’re going to be nearly done. Follow up with explosive pulls ups with a slow descent. This will train the fast twitch muscle fiber for real power as well as increasing that negative strength and encouraging some hypertrophy and microtears.


Pull Ups to Failure

Finally, finish off with pull ups to failure. Just do as many as you can do. Hopefully, if you did everything else right, then you shouldn’t be able to do too many without collapsing in a pool of sweat…


Tip: Corey keeps gloves on to help get through this workout. But if you want this to be truly functional strength? Leave them off!


Make sure to lock out

A Lower Body HIIT Circuit Challenge for Super Fast Fat Burning


Everyone is always shouting about how great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) really is. This is a form of exercise that is said to burn much more muscle than any other form of cardio, it’s supposed to increase the efficiency of our mitochondria such that we have more energy throughout the day, and it saves time letting you do all this in a much shorter session than you’d use for other forms of exercise. All that makes it pretty appealing!


But what we’re not always being told is how to actually use this HIIT for working out. The closest we have is ‘tabata’ but that’s only one protocol. Surely there’s something else that bodybuilders can use to get the benefits of HIIT at home?


As it happens, there is. Here’s just one example of an awesome HIIT workout for your lower body that you can do from home.



The Workout

So there are three rounds and you’re going to perform each of the exercises like a circuit, so you’re going straight from one to the other.


What you’re going to do do though, is to alternate between relative speed and then relative calm on each move. So you’re alternating between high exertion and active recovery.


The exercises we’re going to use for this are:

  • Jump Squats
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Box Jumps
  • Jump Rope


As you’ve hopefully noticed, each of these exercises is going to work effectively the same muscles and these are big, multi-joint exercises focussing on the legs. This makes it really nice and brutal for the muscles involved as they’re really not getting a break. At the same time, the fact that these are such compound movements and you’re using them in a HIIT manner, means you’re really going to benefit from afterburn all throughout the day. You’re not only dropping all your blood sugar, you’re also flooding your body with testosterone and growth hormone for a real response.



Remember: go fast and try and ‘beat your high score’ on the jump squats and the box jumps, and use the lunges and the jump rope to more gradually recover in between those intense rounds. This means you don’t need to put a rest period in there and you’re getting far more training out of the same amount of time – that’s fast and efficient training.


You can use this routine by choosing any amount of time to spend at each station. 30 seconds to a minute is a good starting point. If you’re feeling really tough, you can do one minute of speed training and thirty seconds of recovery. If you need to work up to that, then start the other way around.


The recommendation is that you do just four rounds, meaning you should be able to complete the entire session in about 6-16 minutes. You can go harder and longer though if you want to – just adapt it to suit your level as you improve in fitness and strength.