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A Blueprint for Getting Ripped


Getting ripped, cut muscle isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. Apart from the fact that it involves being very self-disciplined when it comes to sticking to a diet and training regime, there’s also the fact that it’s so complicated. It feels like everyone has different advice for what the best way to burn fat is and it seems like there a million different options and considerations. Card backloading? Intermittent Fasting? IIFYM? Where do you even begin?


Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just lay all out straight for you: give you a blueprint that you could simply follow to the letter to get cut and chiselled?


Well that’s exactly what Henry Tren described on Six Pack Shortcuts. In a recent video he talked through the exact steps he took to get into awesome shape, so let’s go over those and see what he had to say…



Find a Role Model

Having the right role model is an excellent motivator and can help you to get through those rough patches when you’d really rather just skip the gym. Henry’s role models were none other than the legendary Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


DIET is Number One

In terms of burning fat, diet is by far the most important element. Like they say: it all starts in the kitchen.


So what does that diet look like? Henry recommends having a number of ‘shreds’ – foods like lean proteins, complex carbs and green vegetables. In particular, chicken, ground turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and broccoli are examples of what Henry refers to as his ‘shreds’.


For dessert? Go for fruit. But remember, this really is: ‘natures dessert’ and its still filled with sugar. Keep portions minimal.


Cheat Occasionally

No one is perfect and sometimes you will falter. So the solution is just to make sure that you organize your fumbles by having cheat days. It’s crucial for your sanity – just think of your cheat meals as rewards and they can help you to make it through the week.


The Workouts

Now what about the workouts?


While any kind of training is good, the best place to start according to Henry is with HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. You likely know about that, but it basically means you interval between periods of intense exertion and periods of relative ‘active recovery’. For instance, you might sprint for one minute and then lightly jog for three before starting again.


Also important is resistance training. For burning fat, resistance training is severely under rated and if you lift weights, you’ll find it actually encourages your body to continue burning fat long after your workout has ended. This is a very powerful tool and one that you should definitely use – especially if you want to be ripped instead of skinny.