Home Workouts A Home Legs and Back Workout That Burns Maximum Fat!

A Home Legs and Back Workout That Burns Maximum Fat!


Let’s cut straight to the chase with this one: this is a straightforward but highly effective workout you can do from home that will really burn calories and that will be targeting the muscles in the back and in the legs. This is a tough one but anyone can do it, so get ready… go!



The Workout

This is going to be a rather traditional workout in that you’ll be doing ten reps of each exercise. However we will be giving it a circuit format that will help you to keep up the momentum and the enthusiasm throughout. What’s more, the workout is arranged into a superset method, so you’re going to be going straight from a back move to a leg move and back again.


Bulgarian Split Squat (10 on Each Side)

We’re starting with the Bulgarian split squat. This is a split squat, meaning you’re essentially in a lunge position but then just going up and down instead of lunging forward. It’s effectively somewhere between a bodyweight squat and a one legged squat in terms of difficulty. This one is going to be made that bit harder though because you’re going to put your back leg up on a table or couch – hence the ‘split’.


Behind the Neck Pulls (10)

Behind the neck pulls use a towel. Here you’re going to lie on the ground or stand up, with your arms extended straight above you holding a towel in either fist. You’re then going to ‘row’ the towel down and then back up again. As you do this, you need to exert a lot of force onto the towel, as though you were trying to rip it in half. This is where the lat training comes in and you should feel the tension in your lats as you go throughout each repetition.


Lateral Lunges (10)

Lateral lunges are another halfway house between squat and lunge. Here you’re going to stand with your feet together, then you’re going to step out to one side but with your foot facing that direction and you’re going to lower your body into a lunge position.


Bent Over Towel Rows (10)

These are the exact same as the earlier towel neck pulls, except you’ll be rowing the towel upwards towards your upper body while you’re slightly bent over. Again, make sure to really contract the lats.


Close Stance Squats (10)

Close stand squats involve standing with your feet nearly together and then squatting down. It’s a little harder and makes a bodyweight squat more of a challenge.


Lat Stretch for 10 Seconds

You shouldn’t stretch your muscles mid workout if you’re lifting big weights but for the sake of a bodyweight routine, you don’t really need to worry about the marginal strength loss this causes. But what you’ll gain from stretching your lats here is more circulation and actually more hypertrophy. It will also aid recovery and it’s a much better use for your resting periods than playing Angry Birds!