Home Workouts A Lower Ab Workout in Just Three Moves!

A Lower Ab Workout in Just Three Moves!


Three moves.


That’s all it takes to build an incredible mid-section with incredible v-cut six pack abs.


Of course a ‘V’ cut is what you get when your waist tapers in and this tends to go hand in hand with low body fat and as a result, highly ripped abs. This is that ‘all-in-one’ package that almost every guy is going after and as it turns out, you can unlock it with just three simple moves.


We’re going to look at the moves here, and then we’re going to combined them into a simple home workout:



The Moves

Hanging Leg Raises: These are one of the most straightforward but also challenging leg exercises out there and they’re excellent for training the lower abs. Just hang from a pull up bar, a tree branch or anything else and then raise your legs straight up.


The key to doing this correctly is to ‘roll your abs’ as you lift your legs. If you’re bending at the waist then you’re not actually using your abs at all but rather your hips. So really, this should look like a crunch but upside down and hanging from a bar.


If you find this move too challenging at first then don’t worry: an easier alternative is to perform ‘frog kicks’. These involve hanging from a bar and then bringing your knees up to your chest. Again, make sure you’re really curling that stomach in.


If you’re more advanced on the other hand, you can hold a weight between your feet or your knees. Or you can perform hanging leg raises to failure, then drop immediately down to frog kicks to make it into a ‘mechanical drop set’.


Reverse Crunches: Reverse crunches are like the frog kicks we just described, except lying on the ground. Lie flat on your back and then curl your knees up to your chest, just as you would curl your chest up to your knees with regular crunches. This hits the lower abs again, which is just great for the tapering effect.


Hip Thrusters: To finish with, you’ll be performing hip thrusters. To perform these, lie flat on the ground and have your feet pointing up at the ceiling and your hands underneath your legs. Now you’re going to push those feet straight upward and doing this will work the hips and the abs.


You can make this move more difficult by hanging from a incline bench as you do it, so that your hips are coming down lower after each repetition.


The Workout

And now to finish, here’s the workout that puts it all together. And it’s pretty simple too:

  1. Hanging leg raises 3 x 10
  2. Reverse crunches 3 x 10
  3. Hip thrusters 3 x 10


Don’t give yourself much of a break between reps and make sure to really focus on contracting the abs through each movement. You’ll know it’s working because your abs will sting as though someone had kicked you in the gut!