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Anabolic Effects of Anavar


canstockphoto5114009Anavar is an anabolic steroid. What this means, is that it encourages muscle growth and to some extent fat loss.


To help understand what anabolism is, it’s useful to remember that your body is at its most anabolic when you’re asleep. During this time, the body goes about repairing all the damage caused in the day. It takes the protein from your diet and uses this to help you create new neural connections in your brain, to repair muscle tissue and to heal wounds. If you’re young, then this is also when the body grows.


What tells the body to do this? Human growth hormone and anabolic hormones like testosterone, insulin and DHT.


Meanwhile, when you’re awake, your body is ‘catabolic’. This means that it is burning fat and even muscle in order to provide energy for movement and thinking. There are certain parts of the day where your body is more anabolic though, such as after a workout when your testosterone levels are highest.


So when you use anabolic steroids, this increases anabolism. As a result, your body uses more protein to heal wounds and build more muscle. And at the same time, this same process also burns fat because building muscle requires a fair amount of energy.


How Anavar Works

As an anabolic steroid then, Anavar increases anabolism so that you build more muscle throughout the day and when asleep and so that you burn more fat to reveal that lean muscle mass underneath.


So how does this work?


In the case of Anavar, this works by increase the amount of DHT in the body. Anavar is technically known as oxandrolone and is a precursor to DHT. This means that the body can use it in order to create more DHT.


What’s DHT? It’s an anabolic hormone that is very similar to testosterone. Specifically, DHT stands for ‘Dihydrotestosterone’ and it can be thought of almost as a more ‘advanced stage’ version of testosterone. DHT has the same effects on the body when it comes to building muscle and burning fat but it also doesn’t get converted in oestrogen like testosterone does and won’t make you hairier or cause your hair to fall out.


That said, it’s worth noting that Anavar will still raise testosterone to some degree as well.


Anvarol product picThe Anabolic Effects

So what effects should you expect to see? As with any anabolic steroid, you can expect Anavar to increase the size of your muscles at the same time as enhancing definition. You’ll look bigger and bulkier but also a lot more ripped and you’ll be able to make out more striations on the muscle.


On the downside though, Anavar only delivers a very mild version of these effects. Anavar is a very weak steroid and is mainly taken in conjunction with other PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) or when people want to build more muscle without causing as many health risks.


In fact, you can probably get the very same benefits from a ‘non-steroid’ testosterone booster such as Anvarol. And the good news about something like Anvarol is that it is completely legal and safe – unlike Anavar.