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Anavar Cycle – Length, Dosage and Results


canstockphoto18537063Guys looking to build maximum muscle mass might be interested in using steroids.

However, guys looking to protect their natural testosterone production and not cause severe, potentially fatal liver damage, probably won’t be interested in steroids.

Bit of a catch 22 isn’t it?

As usual, the right answer is just to accumulate as much knowledge as possible and to ensure that you know what all your options are. There are alternatives to steroids that can be nearly just as effective without presenting anywhere the same number of dangerous risks. Likewise, there are some far less potent steroids that might offer almost a ‘compromise’ for guys looking to experiment.

Falling into that latter category is Anavar. This is a steroid that is far less potent than other alternatives and that doesn’t increase oestrogen. It’s also far less damaging to a man’s natural testosterone production. But to use it safely while still getting the benefits, you need to think carefully about choosing your dosage and your cycle. Let’s look at how best to do that.

Dosage and Cycle

If you’re hoping to reduce the side effects of Anavar as much as possible, then you might be interested in going as low as 20mg with your dosage. When used at this level, the results you get in the gym might be very marginal. At the same time though, you are much less likely to negatively impact your natural testosterone production. Studies show that Anavar used at this dosage does have some impact on natural testosterone after 8 weeks and you should still use post cycle therapy. That said though, you stand very little chance of being permanently affected and relying on HRT for the rest of your life.

On the other end of the spectrum are those people who use Anavar at high dosages of around 100mg. At this level, you can expect to see much stronger results from the drug and at the same time, far more side effects and more serious health risks. Used in this way, Anavar essentially becomes very similar to other steroids.

Most guys choose to use Anavar somewhere in the middle. 30-40mg is a good starting point and will help to encourage muscle mass without causing any serious health problems.

Anvarol CTAYou can also stack Anavar with other drugs. With Clenbuterol it will enhance fat burning while still not causing much of an effect on the liver or testosterone. With something like Winstrol, it can add a little to an already potent drug.

Anavar should be cycled for 8 weeks on, followed by two weeks of PCT.


If you’re looking for a method of building muscle that is genuinely safe, then Anavar is not it. Unfortunately, Anavar will still risk damaging your testosterone levels and is very bad for your liver, your cholesterol and your overall health.

Anvarol on the other hand is actually good for you. This is a product from Crazy Bulk that uses only natural ingredients to gently stimulate the body to produce more of its own testosterone. The results are the same but none of the same risks or negative effects are present.