Bodybuilding is a sport that has always focused on muscle mass, lean definition and aesthetic athleticism. The ultimate aim is for competitors to look as physically intimidating and impressive as possible, while at the same time paying close attention to factors like symmetry and balance.

Over the years though, the original goals of bodybuilding have somewhat changed. In the golden age, the sport focussed much more on the aforementioned aestheticism and symmetry. Back then, competitors like Frank Zane were celebrated for recreated the kinds of physiques we would see in Superhero comics, or in Ancient Greek sculptures.

Today, the focus is much more on pure size and strength. The winner of Mr Olympia is very often the bodybuilder who can pack on the most muscle mass – sometimes at the expense of things like flat abs (owing partly at least to ‘roid gut’).

Steroids and Bodybuilding

This is partly the result of the introduction of steroids. When steroids first found their way to the sport around the 50s, competitors began using them in relatively small quantities. This led to more muscle mass and lower body fat and that in turn was something that audiences seemed to eat up and want to see more of.

This then created a vicious cycle. Bodybuilders used steroids which created a demand for huge physiques and made those same steroids a necessity.

Technically, steroid use is banned by the IFBB (not to mention being illegal) but the organization is well aware that it has become a big part of the sport. As such, the checks are designed in such a way as to give bodybuilders plenty of time to avoid being caught. It’s a well-known fact that steroid use is rampant in bodybuilding and that there is no well-known athlete not using them.

Over time, steroids have also become more and more advanced, as has knowledge of how to use them. Today, bodybuilders use much more complex stacks of different drugs to create all kinds of effects and much more muscle mass than would otherwise be possible.

Where Does Anavar Come In?

Anavar fits into this equation nicely as a steroid that has relatively low side effects while improving hypertrophy and fat loss via DHT regulation. In other words, Anavar is the perfect steroid for many bodybuilders to add to their stack and can increase the effects of other steroids without drastically increasing the negative consequences. On its own, Anavar won’t do a great amount at that level. However, it is often taken alongside things like Trenbolone and Winstrol.

Should you follow suit? Certainly not. The damage that bodybuilders are causing to themselves with these stacks is immense and it is widely considered a big problem within the sport.

For the rest of us, there are much safer and healthier ways to trigger muscle mass. A great example is Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. This is a completely legal and natural product that is designed specifically to replace Anavar and to stimulate many of the same effects.

Anvarol Review