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Anavar for Men – How Can Anavar Help Men With Cutting


If you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, model or just a guy who wants to look stronger and build more muscle, then you may have considered steroids as a potential means of making those things happen.


canstockphoto11159025But at the same time, you might well have found the prospect of using steroids daunting. This is no small decision. For starters, steroids are illegal and in using them, you will potentially open yourself up to fines and maybe even be ostracized by your community. This also means buying steroids from unregulated sources and funding criminal enterprises – things that you really need to take into account.


Another thing that makes steroids scary is the fact that they cause a number of serious side effects. For men in particular, one of the scariest of these side effects is the potential to impair natural testosterone production. The very same increased muscle mass, energy, motivation and sex drive that makes steroids so popular can end up being completely lost as a result of this abuse and that can leave you permanently reliant on HRT (hormone replacement therapy).


So what’s the right answer for guys? One popular choice is Anavar. Let’s take a closer look at that…


What is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid just like any other that can be used to increase muscle mass, burn fat, aid recovery and generally enhance performance and results in the gym.


What makes Anavar particularly popular is the fact that it is less potent than many other steroids. This thereby reduces the damaging effects that it has on the liver and it also means that you’re less likely to see other side effects such as hair loss, or the aforementioned impotence.


Also helping with this is the fact that Anavar doesn’t bind to the androgen receptors and thereby directly stimulate testosterone. Instead, it increases the amount of DHT in the body which is a similar hormone to testosterone but actually more potent in terms of muscle mass and fat loss. Better yet, DHT doesn’t get converted to oestrogen and that means no gynecomastia and no fat storage. It also means that testosterone levels are less effected.


How Men Can Use it for Cutting

Because Anavar raises DHT rather than just T, this means that it’s well suited to cutting and won’t increase water retention or fat storage via oestrogen. Other steroids that do bind to androgen receptors – such as Dianabol – are better suited to bulking.


Anvarol product picAt the same time, Anavar is a good choice for men who want to try and protect their endogenous testosterone levels – and especially when they use it in small doses and use a post cycle therapy stack to fix their natural production subsequently.


Despite all this though, DHT is not entirely safe and can still have many unwanted side effects. The bigger problem is that the low doses used to avoid the negative side effects may actually lead to barely noticeable results – without completely eliminating the chance of impotence etc.


For these reasons, the better option for men looking to cut is in fact to use something like Anavar that isn’t actually a steroid. Anvarol is an excellent example of something that can increase cutting for men without affecting natural testosterone production at all.