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Anavar for Women – Benefits, Side Effects and Alternatives


Anavar is often considered the ‘girl steroid’ bas it is one of the most suitable for use by women. That’s partly due to the way that Anavar works but also partly due to the fact that Anavar is significantly weaker when compared with other steroids and doesn’t have as drastic effects full stop. Both the positives and the negatives of Anavar are far less pronounced when compared with something like Dbol which makes it the most suitable choice both for beginner men and all women.


The Benefits

So what can you expect to see if you use Anavar as a woman? This raises a substance called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body, which is a more potent form of testosterone. At the same time though, DHT doesn’t have many of the same side effects as testosterone and doesn’t trigger the same amount of hair growth and other secondary sex traits.


That said though, Anavar (also known as oxandrolone) can still have some androgenic effects and will still increase testosterone as well.


Ultimately, the positive benefits that emerge from this are increased anabolism. That means more muscle growth and more strength. At the same time, this also enhances fat loss and women can expect to get a much leaner look as a result. Steroids that work on DHT are particularly beneficial in this regard seeing as DHT does not metabolise into oestrogen – which is responsible for increased fat storage and water retention.


In other words, Anavar is effective at increasing hypertrophy for women to impressive effects (relatively) and is also effective in burning fat and making that muscle appear leaner, harder and more defined.


Side Effects

As mentioned, Anavar is less likely to cause the formation of secondary sexual characteristics in women as compared with something like Dbol – which generally isn’t recommended for women.


That said though, Anavar is also not safe by any means. In fact, Anavar can still increase body hair, deepen the voice and even interfere with the menstrual cycle of women. For these reasons, women need to look out for those side effects and also be very careful to keep their dosage low. For women, doses of around 10-15mg a day are recommended for cycles of 4-6 weeks.


Anvarol product picAlso important to note is that Anavar can have some other negative effects. Anavar raises cholesterol for instance and this can potentially lead to heart problems if you have pre-existing conditions. It also increases blood pressure. It’s also important to check for kidney problems prior to using Anavar. And of course, like most steroids, Anavar can also put a serious strain on the liver which may be fatal in rare cases.



For these reasons, women and men alike would do well to consider alternative solutions. Anvarol from Crazy Bulk is one such alternative. This is a natural product made entirely from nutrients, herbs and other ingredients that can be obtained naturally in the diet. However, the ingredients have all been shown in studies to stimulate the body’s own production of testosterone and DHT to impressive levels. It’s safe, legal and very effective for female bodybuilders.