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Blast Your Butt in 10 Minutes


A lot of guys ignore their glutes in the gym. Training the bum is for women right? It’s embarrassing to be caught training your ass – unless you’re training it off.


But in reality, every guy really should be training their buttocks. Not only is it actually a great way to pick up women (women love guys with a nice behind, just like we enjoy women to have a toned bum) but it’s also a great way to burn more calories and build more power. The glutes are a big muscle group, responsible for driving power through the floor when we jump or squat. They’re super important and they’re highly anabolic.


So, how do you go about doing ‘bum day’ (that needs a new name). Here’s one routine you can try out at home. It’s a circuit and it’s nice and fast. So perform these exercises three times with a break in between each one.



15 x Butt Extensions

You’ll need a mat or a soft patch of carpet for this. Lie on the ground and then lift the leg up behind you. This will seem pretty easy but it gets a lot harder on round three after everything else you’re going to be doing. But, if you’re still struggling with it being too easy, you can toughen it up by using a resistance band wrapped around both ankles.


15 x Leaning Hip Abductors

Now lean against the wall and raise one leg out to the side. This will work your hip abductors, which are found on either side of your buttocks. Again, these are muscle groups often ignored by guys but that can result in the legs looking skinny at the top. This move also slightly trains the obliques as you hold that leaning position.


Sumo Double Pump Jump Squats

A double pump jump squat is a jump squat with a small ‘bob’ in between. So bounce your body up slightly and back down, then launch yourself up in the air. As a sumo variation on the usual move, you’re going to be sitting deeper with a wider stance. This will really work the glutes. Keep your chest upright while you perform these moves.


Stiff Leg Deadlifts

These are deadlifts performed with entirely straight legs. So you’re bending instead at the waist and that means you’re going to be using the erector spinae and you guessed it – the glutes. You don’t actually need any weight for this, just really tense the buttocks as you go through the motion and you should really feel it working the region.


At the same time though, you can of course increase the difficulty slightly by lifting some light weights off the ground too as you go for each rep.


This is another sign of just how involved the glutes are in moves like the deadlift. When you train your butt it will help you to keep your core stable and will prevent you from arching your spine. Just one more reason to make sure that you’re hitting these muscles!