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Five Tips to Lose Bodyweight Over 80% Faster


The fall-out rate for people starting any new diet program is over 80% in the first 7 days.


Think about that for a minute – it means that statistically you’re not likely to last on any new diet for even a week! How many people last for a month? Maybe one percent?


The problem is that even the best diets will often leave out the tips on how to go about sticking to the routine. It’s all good and well knowing how to track your macro and micronutrients. But how do you stick to your calorie guidelines when you’re tired and stressed?


These five tips will show you how…



Tip 1 – Emergency Meals

Emergency meals are meals that you’ve prepared ready for times when you’re low or times when you don’t have the time to make something more creative. These meals should be something that will last a long time, that you can make quickly and that you will actually enjoy. These will act as your buffer, so when you don’t have time to cook the perfect meal, you don’t end up getting a McDonalds.


Tip 2 – Keep the Meals the Same

One of the biggest problems with a lot of diets is that they expect you to live in a supermarket. One meal might include eggs, the second meal might have salmon in it, the third meal might include steak and then maybe you’ll finish with a fruit salad. That’s a lot of different types of food all in your fridge at once and all of which need to be prepared.


Keep your meals similar, reuse the same ingredients and don’t be too ambitious and you’ll find it much easier to stick to.


Tip 3 – Cook in Bulk

You may have noticed that time is a big factor for many of these tips. Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have time to cook as much as we should and when we do, we probably won’t have the energy.


Instead then, cook in advance and then store your foods in the fridge. This might mean cooking up some bolognaise and freezing it, or it might mean preparing chicken breasts and having them in a Tupperware.


Tip 4 – Remove Temptation

Do you know how to stop yourself reaching for cake?


Get rid of the cake!


Remember how we just said that there isn’t enough time in the day for cooking or going out shopping? We can actually use that to our advantage – by making it an effort to snack on sugary foods. Have a few healthy snacks around the house and make sure that there are no temptations there to fool you. If your partner isn’t cool with that idea, ask them to keep an eye on their chocolates and sweets and to reprimand you if you should eat them.


Tip 5 – Get Into a Routine

Finally, make sure you are consistent and that you allow yourself to get into a routine. They say that habits take 30 days to form and once you get to this point, you’ll find life gets much easier. So be consistent, have a plan and then stick to it. If you can manage a month, you can manage anything!