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Get the Abs of a Champion Fighter!


Anyone who works out in the gym is a warrior. If you’re training in the gym several hours a week, it means you’re not content to just sit on the couch and it means you’re keen to keep your body in top fighting form.


But real fighters take it one step further. These guys literally test their bodies in the ring on a regular basis and they’re hard as nails as a result. And it’s no coincidence that they all have ripped abs – whether they’re boxers or MMA pros.


In this workout, we’ll be learning from 2x Gold Medallist Boxer and North American Muay Thai Champion Andrew Raposo. This is the workout he uses to keep his mid section in shape and it’s probably quite different from what you’re used to seeing in the gym.




Long Plank Walk Outs

For this, you’re going to start as though you were in the top of a push up position. From there, you’re going to walk your hands in toward your legs and as you do, you’re going to find your butt points up in the air. Once you’ve come all the way in, go back out again and that’s one rep. You’re going to repeat this for five reps.


To make life harder, you can put your hands further above your head during each rep. You might have noticed that this is essentially the same exercise as an ab roll out, except that you’re not going to need anything to roll on. It’s brutal for your transverse abdominis.


Plank Arm Taps

Staying in plank but resting on your hands, you’re now going to tap your armpit with one hand, then swap sides. Do this ten times on each side. Once again, you can stretch the arms out farther to make it harder. Make sure that you’re really contracting the abs through the entire movement.


Box Planks

Now you’re going to move so your hands are beneath your shoulders and your knees are beneath the hips. Your toes will be touching the floor though and you’re going to use this to slightly raise the knees off the ground. Now you’re going to take one hand off the ground as well. Don’t move the hips too much, just keep your body nice and steady. This is a really touch variation on your usual plank and you’re going to have to really tighten the transverse abdominis and the obliques to keep yourself stable.


Hold for a few seconds then do the same on the other side. Ten reps for each side.


Thought that was tough? Good… Now you’re going to do it twice more for a total of three rounds. If you’re feeling tough, you can do the whole thing without coming out of the plank position at all: so you’re just moving from one of the postures to the next. The whole thing is quite brutal for the abs and you should find that you’re begging to throw in the towel by the end!