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How to Avoid Losing Muscle When You’re Dieting


Every guy wants to look ripped and cut so that they can show off all that muscle they’ve worked hard to build. A ripped set of abs has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing features you can build in the gym.


But at the same time, every guy also wants to be bulky and muscular. And this is where the difficulty comes in.


You see, when you build muscle you’ll want to be in a caloric surplus. Inevitably this is going to lead to some fat building up around the midriff. But when you cut in order to get rid of fat, you’re going to need to be in a caloric deficit. And this means your body ends up burning muscle.


So the question is, how do you cut the fat and keep the muscle?




Keeping Up Your Energy Levels

One of the problems that you might find when trying to cut fat and maintain muscle, is that you won’t have much energy or enthusiasm when you hit the gym. This stands to reason when you consider that you’re not getting as much energy from your food but you’re still putting in the same amount of work in the gym.


This is unfortunate, because if you can actually keep up the training when you’re dieting, you’ll find it helps to preserve the muscle. Ever heard the saying ‘use it or lose it’? If you keep up the resistance training while you’re trying to burn fat, your body will respond by preserving the muscle even as your glucose levels drop.


So how do you keep that energy high on a low carb diet while you train?


One simple ‘trick’ is to take your post workout shake and swap it for a pre-workout shake. This way, your body will start to get the benefits of the protein and the carbs while you’re still training, giving you something of a pick-me-up during your workouts and ensuring you don’t run out of steam.


Most protein shakes contain at least 100 calories, so this will give you just enough energy to fuel your training. But because you would have had the post-workout shake anyway, you’re not going to be adding to your overall calorie intake at all.


What’s more, that extra protein and sugar that’s circulating while you’re training will act like a ‘buffer’ to protect your muscle from being burned during your training.


More Reasons to Choose Pre-Workout

What’s more, you’ll actually get more benefit from your protein shake this way in terms of muscle building. Why? Because the protein will have reached your blood stream right when the ‘anabolic window’ kicks in. Your body can’t use protein right away and so if you consume the protein right when you need it, you won’t get the most benefit from it.


What’s more, following the training, all the sugar you’ve consumed will be taken to the muscles in a similar fashion to that seen in carb backloading.


So now you know! This simply ‘switch’ will help you to protect muscle and gain more muscle.