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How to Increase Vascularity


If you’re looking for that truly ripped aesthetic that makes you look like some kind of monster/superhero, then vascularity is really the icing on the cake. An awesome physique for guys is all about detail, cuts and bulging muscle and being able to trace the veins travelling up your forearms and over your biceps really adds to that.


The question is though: how do you go about increasing your vascularity and getting those veins if you’re not naturally a veiny type? Is it even possible?


The Basics

There are a few different factors that help to increase vascularity and these all combine to give that detailed and ripped look. Some are easier to address than others, so we’ll start by looking at them each individually and from there will assess how best to improve them.


Body Fat Percentage

The first factor that plays perhaps the biggest role in vascularity is your body fat percentage. Put simple: the less fat you have under the skin, the more visible your veins will be. This is simply because there will be less flesh on top of your veins to hide them. The more you lose fat, the more visible your veins will become and this is the single biggest factor in improving vascularity.


Muscle Mass

Closely behind is muscle mass. Because your muscles live underneath your veins, building stronger muscle actually forces the veins to the surface more and thus makes them more visible. Furthermore, the bigger your muscles are the hungrier they will be for nutrients, blood and oxygen. This then means your veins will have to be bigger and work harder to get the blood to them.



Vasodilation means the widening of blood vessels in order to carry more blood and more oxygen around the body. The best way to stimulate vasodilation is with exercise, but you can also accomplish the same thing by supplementing. Anything that increases nitric oxide will have the effect of stimulating vasodilation.



Finally, thinner skin will show off your veins better than thicker skin. This is actually one of the big reasons that Hugh Jackman and Sylvester Stallone have such visible veins. So getting older isn’t all bad news!


How to Increase Vascularity

So with all that in mind, how do you go about leveraging all those factors for increased vascularity?


Exercising is of course the most important way to accomplish this and one of the best ways to exercise for increased vascularity is with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which will reduce fat more efficiently and increase vasodilation.


Furthermore, you can also supplement with the likes of Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. Anvarol is a supplement that uses all natural ingredients to mimic the effects of certain steroids in a safe and healthy way. This can increase your testosterone and nitric oxide considerably helping your body to cut more fat and harden the muscles and at the same time causing the veins to swell with blood and fuel for your workouts. Combine Anvarol with HIIT and an intensive resistance routine and you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of stunning vascularity.