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Five Tips to Lose Bodyweight 87% Faster





The fall-out rate for people starting any new diet program is over 80% in the first 7 days.


Think about that for a minute – it means that statistically you’re not likely to last on any new diet for even a week! How many people last for a month? Maybe one percent?


The problem is that even the best diets will often leave out the tips on how to go about sticking to the routine. It’s all good and well knowing how to track your macro and micronutrients. But how do you stick to your calorie guidelines when you’re tired and stressed?


These five tips will show you how…


Tip 1 – Emergency Meals

Emergency meals are meals that you’ve prepared ready for times when you’re low or times when you don’t have the time to make something more creative. These meals should be something that will last a long time, that you can make quickly and that you will actually enjoy. These will act as your buffer, so when you don’t have time to cook the perfect meal, you don’t end up getting a McDonalds.


Tip 2 – Keep the Meals the Same

One of the biggest problems with a lot of diets is that they expect you to live in a supermarket. One meal might include eggs, the second meal might have salmon in it, the third meal might include steak and then maybe you’ll finish with a fruit salad. That’s a lot of different types of food all in your fridge at once and all of which need to be prepared.


Keep your meals similar, reuse the same ingredients and don’t be too ambitious and you’ll find it much easier to stick to.


Tip 3 – Cook in Bulk

You may have noticed that time is a big factor for many of these tips. Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have time to cook as much as we should and when we do, we probably won’t have the energy.


Instead then, cook in advance and then store your foods in the fridge. This might mean cooking up some bolognaise and freezing it, or it might mean preparing chicken breasts and having them in a Tupperware.


Tip 4 – Remove Temptation

Do you know how to stop yourself reaching for cake?


Get rid of the cake!


Remember how we just said that there isn’t enough time in the day for cooking or going out shopping? We can actually use that to our advantage – by making it an effort to snack on sugary foods. Have a few healthy snacks around the house and make sure that there are no temptations there to fool you. If your partner isn’t cool with that idea, ask them to keep an eye on their chocolates and sweets and to reprimand you if you should eat them.


Tip 5 – Get Into a Routine

Finally, make sure you are consistent and that you allow yourself to get into a routine. They say that habits take 30 days to form and once you get to this point, you’ll find life gets much easier. So be consistent, have a plan and then stick to it. If you can manage a month, you can manage anything!


Cable Chest Flies for Gladiator Looking Pecs


An amazing chest can make you look like Optimus Prime. This is the best way to fill out a suit and to look noble and powerful all at the same time. Better yet, powerful pecs give you the ability to push things around, to perform press ups and handstands and to throw explosive punches.


In other words? Pecs are pretty much awesome…


The problem for some of us though is that they can also be stubborn at times and may refuse to grow. If you find yourself frustrated in this situation, then you need a highly effective workout that can shock them into action.


Below is one such workout from YouTuber ‘Vince Del Monte’. This video incorporates the four chest exercises he considers ‘must do’ and they’re probably not the ones you’re expecting. Read on though and you’ll see why it all makes sense…





Incline Dumbbell Press

We’re starting with incline dumbbell press which has a number of great advantages over some of the competition.


For starters, there’s a great number of people who can benefit greatly from getting more incline bench moves into their repertoire. This is the best way to build up the top of the chest and that in turn can give you a much more defined appearance. If you only build the bottom of the pecs, then this can end up making them look bulbous and that starts to wander into ‘man boob’ territory!


Another advantage of this move is that you’re using dumbbells. This forces you to work equally hard on both sides and prevents situations where one pec may otherwise start racing ahead of the other.


Chest Press

Now we’re moving straight onto the chest press resistance machine. This might seem like an odd choice, especially as we’re repeatedly being told that free weights are best. The reason they’re here though, is that they allow you to move straight from one movement where you’ve fatigued the pecs onto another one that’s very similar. This will then let you push past your normal point of failure without risk of dropping the weights or otherwise injuring yourself. You can also do great drop sets here for the same reason.


Dumbbell Flyes

Next up are dumbbell flyes. This exercise is awesome for a lot of reasons but its real asset is in training the outer portion of the pec. It does this by training the muscle through a much larger range of motion as combined with a bench press for instance and as a result, you get the kind of definition around the edge of the muscle that will really make your pecs look great.


What’s more, pec flyes have the considerable benefit of including a stretch – and according to several studies this may be one of the most effective ways to stimulate growth!


Pec Deck

Finally, we end with the pec deck. This is essentially a resistance machine that allows you to perform flyes and it’s fantastic again for continuing past that point of fatigue and really getting a tough chest workout in.

Is Crazy Bulk a Scam?


Crazy Bulk is a supplement brand that promises steroid-like results from safe and legal ingredients. But is it a scam?


For many people, the thought of taking steroids is simply not an option. And in the vast majority of cases, this is definitely for the best. Steroids can cause all kinds of serious problems ranging from low natural testosterone production and the development of breasts, to liver damage and heart problems. Not to mention the fact that steroids are illegal substances that you have to obtain illicitly.


But herein lies a problem for many athletes. You see, while steroids might have a lot of drawbacks, that isn’t stopping a lot of people from using them. And this gives those people a huge unnatural advantage. On steroids you will automatically build far more muscle, burn more fat and even be more virile, energetic and aggressive. Workouts are more rewarding and enjoyable when you use steroids and the kind of physique you can build is truly astonishing.


If only there was a way you could have your cake and eat it too…


Introducing Crazy Bulk

That’s where Crazy Bulk comes in. You see there actually is a way you can get steroid-like results without the serious negative side effects. How? By using supplements from Crazy Bulk – or at least that’s what they claim on their website.


How does this work? To understand the answer, it might help to look at the way that steroids work in the first place.


Most steroids work by increasing the amount of testosterone in the body. This is usually accomplished with supplements that bind to what’s known as the ‘androgen receptor’ and from there, the body then becomes more anabolic. This in turn translates as more muscle mass, more energy and more fat loss. You also get the other side effects of high testosterone, such as hair loss, acne and potentially high estrogen.


Crazy Bulk products work in a slightly different way though. These also increase testosterone but rather than increasing it via unnatural, synthetic means, they instead work by stimulating the body to produce more testosterone endogenously.


This can be accomplished in all kinds of ways. For instance, it might mean using the chemical precursors to substances that regulate testosterone production, it means using herbs that have been shown to facilitate hormone production and it can mean helping you to sink into a natural, anabolic sleep that builds muscle while you’re in the land of nod.


What’s more, these laboratory-proven natural ingredients have all been chosen specifically to mimic the effects of specific steroids. There are Crazy Bulk products that work like Dianabol for instance (Dianobal) and there are Crazy Bulk products that work like Anavar.


What to Expect With Crazy Bulk Supplements

So that’s how Crazy Mass supplements work. The remaining question is: just how effective are they?


And the answer? Very. When using them you will find that you naturally pack on significantly more muscle and burn more fat. You’ll get more results from all your normal training and you’ll have more energy and drive too.


You still have to work out hard and eat right – as with steroids this is not a magic bullet – but as long as you do that you can see amazing results. They may come a little slower than steroids but you can still get there – and that’s a very worthwhile compromise when your health is at stake.


Best of all? Because these supplements are so safe you can take them in higher quantities and don’t have to cycle them!


Some of the most popular Crazy Bulk supplements include the Bulking Stack (includes DBal, DecaDuro, TBal 75 and Testosterone MAX) and the Cutting Stack (includes Anvarol, Winidrol, Clenbutrol and Testosterone MAX). While the Bulking Stack can help you gain pounds of solid muscle in weeks, Cutting Stack can help get cut and chiseled and be competition ready within a few weeks. These stacks have been getting outstanding user reviews and are hugely popular.



A Simple Home Biceps and Triceps Workout




Here’s a super simple workout you can use to really get those biceps and triceps working. All you’ll need is a barbell or a few dumbbells and you’ll be able to completely devastate your arms to trigger massive growth.


If that sounds like a simple and straightforward introduction, that’s because this is a simple and straightforward workout. In fact, it uses just four exercises! But sometimes, the simple ones are the best. Aren’t they?




Then let’s get to it!


How the Program Works

This program is going to use super-sets. This means you won’t be resting between each set of exercises but instead will alternate between two slightly different movements. You’ll be doing 4 sets of 10 for each one.


When choosing the weight, you’ll pick your 10 rep maximum. We’ll be doing dips in there too: these should be done to failure.


The Exercises

So what are the exercises? They are:

  • Curls superset with skull crushers
  • Close grip curls super set with tricep dips


Here you’re alternating between biceps and triceps and you’re going to do 40 sets in total.


But that’s just one round. Because then you’re going to go again and again. How many rounds you do is up to you but try for at least 3 if you want to make it really tough.


In case you’re not familiar with the skull crusher, this is an exercise where you’ll be lying on the floor and lowering the bar (or dumbbells) towards your skull – hence the name. Start in fully extended bench press position and then pivot only at the elbows to bring the weight behind you.


The Lesson

What does this workout show us? It shows us that you don’t need to get really creative, inventive and complex every time you want to do a workout. In fact, sometimes getting too complex can simply distract you from what you’re meant to be doing. By keeping things simple, you ensure you can keep moving quickly between exercises and you ensure that all your mental energy is going right into the workout.


Of course this workout also shows us a great way to train the biceps and triceps that you can use from home. And better yet, it shows you how to train without tons of equipment or space. The secret to the success of this routine is that it keeps intensity high by using only supersets. So if you want to create a

A 10 Minute Full Body Workout With One Dumbbell



What would you do if you were stuck with just one dumbbell and only ten minutes to workout?


It’s tough to imagine a scenario that would lead to this situation but for arguments’ sake let’s say someone is borrowing your other dumbbell (sure, that happens) and that you’re about to head out to meet friends.


In that situation, the following workout is just what you need.


And for those of you who have two dumbbells and more than ten minutes… this is still a really good workout that you can use when you want to try something a bit different. Moreover, it’s also a fantastic example of just how simple a workout can be and still remain effective.


This workout will train your full body and it only takes ten minutes. So if you have a few spare, why not give it a go now? And it takes just three movements:


Exercise One: One Handed Dumbbell Squats

To start, you’ll be performing 10 squats with a dumbbell hanging in front of you. Keep your arm hanging down the middle between your legs, squat directly downwards and then push up through your legs.


Exercise Two: Dumbbell Swing

Now, while still squatting, you’re going to start swinging the dumbbell directly upwards. This is essentially the same as a kettlebell swing with the obvious difference being that you’re using a dumbbell, not a kettlebell. The movement is excellent for your legs, for your core and for your shoulders and it’s also brilliant cardio.


Exercise Three: Half Burpee

Now you’re going to put your dumbbell down and perform half burpees. This means you start on all fours and then jump forward with your legs close to your hands and then out into press up position. In other words, this is a burpee without the jumping part at the end. This is another great one that involves cardio, that trains the abs and that works the pecs and upper body.


Completing the Workout

To complete this workout, you’re going to perform ten repetitions on each exercise. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to switch immediately to the other side and do another round. Then you’re going to pause for fifteen seconds and go again!


The astute among you may have noticed that this doesn’t target every muscle group. Sure, there’s no bicep curl in there and nothing for your rear deltoids. However, these are highly compound movements that will have an anabolic effect. Meanwhile, the whole body is working in unison through each of the exercises. When you combine these factors, you have a workout that involves the whole body to at least some extent and which encourages growth for that reason. Sometimes you don’t need to target a body part precisely in order to trigger growth – you just need to shock the whole system into action.


So don’t rely on this workout and if you only have one dumbbell… buy another! Use this as something a bit different though and as a lesson in creating training with low resources.


The World’s Fastest Arm Workout – 10 Minutes is All You Need!


You don’t need to spend a long time in the gym to get a great workout. In fact, you rarely need more than 10 minutes in order to stimulate growth and get yourself panting.


This is perhaps the most important thing to learn as an amateur bodybuilder. The point is: sometimes you’ll be in a hurry and sometimes ten minutes will be all you can muster. Do you just skip the workout altogether then? Never! 10 minutes is better than nothing and in fact two minutes is better than nothing.


The following is an excellent routine for building arm strength but it’s also just a perfect example of why you never need long to get in a great workout.


Part One

To start with, you’re going to take two dumbbells and an incline bench. The weight should basically be such, that you would normally be able to do about 10-12 reps of tricep extensions on a flat bench.


Now, lie on the bench and hold the dumbbells in either hand. Extend your arms full and then perform tricep incline extensions. Take this to complete failure.


Now, get off the bench and turn around so that you’re facing forward and then you spider curl them. This means, you’re lying forward with your arms hanging down in front of you and then curling up towards your chest.


This is a superset – so you’re moving between these two exercises rapidly with no rest in between. Eventually, you’ll hit the five minute mark at which point you’ll go onto part two…


Part Two

Now, grab a barbell and go heavy. Now you’re going to perform curls with the bar until failure.


And guess what? As soon as you put it down on the rack, you’re going to start doing tricep extensions. That means you’re going to hang onto the bar with your hands so that you’re below it, then you’re going to lift your upper body and head up simply by straightening your arms and pivoting them at the elbow.


Again, this is a superset, so you’re going to jump from one to the other going to failure each time for the remaining five minutes.



So how do you feel? That was five minutes and no doubt you’ve got and incredible burn on your biceps and triceps and you’re panting.


Now you might not have access to all this equipment. If you’ve only got ten minutes then you might not have time to go to the gym where you would normally get to use a squat rack etc.


So instead, come up with something similar that you can do from home with just a few weights. Use supersets, limit your rest time and increase intensity. What you’ll find is that you can get an amazing workout in just ten minutes every time.


So there are never any excuses. Ten minutes is ample and in fact if you’d done part one on its own in five minutes… that would have been fine too!

Read This Article if You Want Perfect Squatting Form – How to Squat Properly


The squat is one of the most powerfully effective moves in the gym and is generally considered by many to be the ‘king’ of exercises in fact. Why is that? Basically it comes down to the fact that squatting is one of the most functional movements patterns there is (humans were meant to squat instead of sitting!) as well as the fact that it utilizes so many large muscle groups and thus stimulates a huge hormonal response.


The only problem with the squat though, is that there’s a relatively high risk of injury compared with other moves. Knee problems are rife, back problems are possible and many people don’t really know how to move correctly when performing reps.


To make the most of this incredibly important move, you need to know how to use the right technique. This article will help you to ensure you are.


The Basics

When squatting, we know that elbows should be tucked in, heads should be looking straight forward, the knees should be slightly out (as should the toes) and the knees should go out as we squat. The chest should be out and when you squat, your butt should push outwards as you pivot right at the waist.


As we go down, the back needs to remain completely straight and it’s by pivoting correctly that this is possible. Ultimately, this prevents any bending and when you perform your squat you should imagine you have a meter ruler pushed down the back of your shirt. Your objective during the movement is to ensure that that ruler stick doesn’t bend or curl at all.


The Big Form Fix

All this is fairly well-known and hopefully if you’re squatting regularly, you’ll have at least that much down.


But here’s the big form fix – the thing that so many people still get wrong. The question is: are you square? In this case, it is hip to be square.


This is the same concept as in golf. When you squat, the toes should be completely level and your body should be pointing completely forward.


Crucially, your hips should always be square. In other words, your hips need to be pointing completely forward along with your feet. If you are slightly twisted, if one leg is in front of the other, or if you have a leg length imbalance… you will creation torsion and you will open up your hips.


This can then create a valgus at the knee, placing extra strain on the side of the knee cap and forcing one leg to work harder than the other.


To fix this, take a stick with you to the gym and lie it on the floor in front of your feet, then bring it up to check that it’s in the same position as your hips.


Another tip is to try squeezing your glutes. When you do this, you will automatically square off your hips and you’ll straighten out. Try it and you’ll  notice a big difference if you have any imbalance!

How to Get Shredded Obliques


To have a great mid-section, it is not enough to simply train your rectus abdominis. A great looking stomach is not all about your six pack – it’s also about the detailing around the six pack which makes you look ripped and awesome.


One of the most important muscle groups of all in this sense is the obliques. If you can build strong obliques, then this will mean you have detailed grooves along the sides of your abs that are just the icing on the cake when it comes to looking monstrous.


At the same time as framing the abs, the obliques are also very important in any number of sports and exercises and are the muscles that give you the power you need when you ‘torque’ your body.


The Best Exercise for Shredded Obliques

So with that homage to the obliques out the way, how do you go about getting them?


One exercise is very much the ‘king’ when it comes to obliques and is easy to perform and great for getting ripped, shark-like obliques.


The movement is the side crunch. It’s a simple move that you probably already know but the question is… are you doing it? And are you doing it right?


To perform the side crunch, lie on your back and slightly to one side with one arm behind your head. Then curl your body slightly while twisting it, to bring the elbow towards your opposite knee.


But here’s the thing: you don’t actually need to touch your knee. In fact, you shouldn’t be trying to move that far at all. Instead, you should be taking it slowly and you should be focusing on specifically targeting the obliques as you perform the movements.


Exposing the Obliques

That’s the movement. But what’s more important is that you’re using it in conjunction with the right kind of training program and the right kind of lifestyle.


For starters, remember that you can train the mid-section – obliques included – more often than you would train other parts of the body. Don’t be afraid to hit your obliques three times a week or more.


Secondly, make sure you are eating right and you are doing your CV (cardiovascular exercise) regularly too. As with the abs, obliques are all about ‘exposing’ the muscle and that means stripping away the fat and flab to make the details come through.


Here’s the thing: to have visible abs or obliques, you need to have a bodyfat percentage of 10% or under. Otherwise, no amount of side crunches or anything else are going to be enough to help.


When doing your CV, always opt for ‘HIIT’. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and basically it means going hard (about 70%) for a few minutes and then using active recovery (walking or light jogging) for a minute or so. This way, you can increase your heart rate more and you can burn much more fat in a shorter time as a result.


Increase your HIIT, restrict your caloric intake and add side crunches. Job done!


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3 Amazing Techniques for a Bigger Chest


 3 Amazing Techniques for a Bigger Chest

How to Gain Muscle Fast – Forced 40 Strategy


Anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym will know that sometimes, certain muscle groups can be slower to respond to training than others. Sometimes you’ll have muscles that just refuse to respond to the training you’re doing and that stubbornly remain small even when you’re working like mad to get them to expand.


In these situations, you need to bring out the big guns. It’s not enough to just keep doing the same thing over and over and hope for different results – you need to shock your muscle into growth with something different.


One technique that is absolutely fantastic when it comes to doing this and which will give your muscles a true challenge that will make them grow like mad, is something called the ‘forced 40’. This is a technique that pushes you well beyond failure and really triggers growth. Find those stubborn muscles, then hit them with this…


What is the Forced 40?

To perform the forced 40, you’re going to start by picking up a relatively heavy weight. This should be the kind of weight that makes you fail at around 8 reps for the chosen exercises. So if you were going to try and build more size in your chest, you might take a barbell and get ready to do the incline press, using weights that you have to put down after 8 repetitions.


Now you’re going to perform that set of eight to failure, then put down the weight. Rest for sixty seconds, then as soon as you’re finished, start your repetitions again.


As you might imagine, the objective here is to get to 40 reps without resting for more than a minute at any point.


Most likely, as you get towards the end, you will find that you can’t easily perform sets of 8 any more – you might start doing sets of 5 or even 1. That’s fine. If you have to do 20 sets of 1 rep at the end – do it.


Why it Works

The point is, that as you do these repetitions, you will be forcing yourself a long way past failure, getting into high rep ranges and really getting a pump in your muscles. This is something that is lacking from too many workouts. If you want to grow, then you need volume. And the best way to get this volume is by pushing yourself past the point where you would normally stop.


You can use this strategy as often as you like on as many different body parts as you like. Bear in mind though, that in order to see growth you need to back this up with plenty of rest and recovery and a diet that is super high in high quality protein.


Get a pump with intensity techniques in the gym, eat your protein, get your rest. The forced 40 is one excellent strategy for achieving this but as long as you stick to those laws, you’ll be able to stimulate growth.

How to Eat if You Want a Six Pack


If you want your diet to work, then it needs to be simple and it needs to be bearable. In other words, there’s no point coming up with a complex and difficult diet plan if you know you’re never going to be able to follow it.


The right diet doesn’t have to be hard then, it just needs to follow some basic principles. And that’s true even if you’re someone who desperately wants to get that six pack…


So here’s how you’re going to eat for abs…


The Plate System

A simple way to create and stick to a diet is to take your plate and to imagine dividing it into parts in your mind’s eye.


So take your plate and grab some protein. This could be some grilled chicken or some eggs (bear in mind that it’s easier if you prepare your protein in bulk when you have time).


So how much are you going to load up your plate with protein? 50%. So you’ve filled a whole half of your plate with meat, with eggs or with fish.


So what about the other side of the plate?


Here you’re going to be adding your carbs.


Wait a minute… what? Carbs for abs?


That’s right: while carbs are often considered the enemy, they are nevertheless actually necessary if you want to give your body the energy it needs to power through workouts, to synthesize protein and to build muscle. Having energy even helps you sleep better and it’s absolutely critical if you want to increase your testosterone (which you definitely do, by the way).


The thing to remember though, is that your carbs should be ‘complex’ carbs. This means they will release energy slowly in your body. Many starchy carbohydrates and carbohydrates that contain lots of fiber will fit this mold.


Sweet potato is a great choice, as is zucchini or brown pasta. Sure, you can cut your carbs out entirely but ask yourself: will you really be able to stick to this? And would your body be able to keep going hard in the gym that way?



The thing to remember when coming up with your diet is K-I-S-S or ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. In other words, don’t make your diet difficult and don’t worry about whether you’re eating an extra 10 grams of carbs or not. That sort of thing drives you nuts and it leads to giving up on the diet.


Likewise, think about how you’re going to fit your diet into your daily life and your routine. It’s not enough to wishfully think that you’re going to eat a ton of steak. The question to ask is whether or not you can afford that much steak and whether you have time to prepare that much steak.


Come up with a diet that’s simple but which is also easy for you to stick with and that works withing your routine and lifestyle.


One good way to get lean? Eat 50% protein on your plate for each meal.