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The (Almost Relaxing) Ab Shredder Workout


Looking for a workout that’s straightforward but highly effective for training the abs and the core?


This routine is made of just four movements. It’s called the ‘Ab Shredder’ workout and it comes from Insane Home Fat Loss. And yeah, as the name suggests, it’s highly effective for shredding the abs and revealing some real detail in the mid-section. Best of all though is that it’s also really simple and straightforward. Dare we say it? It’s almost relaxing seeing as most of the movements don’t require excessive speed or complex movements that are tough on the joints.


Give it a go and you’ll see what we mean! This is a great workout for doing before bed, first thing in the morning, or just whenever you’re low on energy and you’re struggling to find that motivation to keep training!


Here’s the routine…



Windshield Wipers

To perform windshield wipers, you’re just going to lie flat on your back with your legs pointing straight up. From here, you’re then going to let your feet rock down to the left, bring them back up to the middle, and then let them rock down to the right again.


Now, we said that this workout wasn’t too intensive and this is actually important for this move. This isn’t about speed, it’s about control, so really feel your abs working and you’ll be training the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and obliques all at once.


Bent Leg Raises

Next up comes the bent leg raises. These are just the usual leg raises (lying on the floor, raising the legs straight up) but with a slight bend at the knees. That bend at the knees is useful because it lets you perform the reps in a more gentle and controlled manner and this means you can again really focus on using your stomach to raise the legs rather than your hips. Your body shouldn’t look like it’s folding in half on each rep, rather you should be rolling the abs and bringing the legs up slowly as you crunch your stomach. It’s a subtle difference but it’s the key to success in all ab training.


Side Plank Thrusters

Side plank thrusters involve leaning on one arm so your body is facing to one side. Now you’re just going to let your hips dip toward the ground, before raising them right back up. This is one that really works the obliques and is also a nice isometric hold for the rest of the core. Once again though, it’s better to perform it nice and slow and nice and gentle.


Old School Sit Ups

Finally, you can’t beat the old classic! Just perform some old-school sit ups with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. If you have a friend around, get them to hold your feet to help you isolate the abs more, otherwise tuck them under something. Just like gym class!


And there you go: an ab shredder workout that shows you don’t have to half kill yourself to build a solid core!