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The Best Snacks for Losing Fat and Getting 6 Pack Abs


Snacking gets a lot of bad rap and the assumption tends to be that any type of snacking is bad for you. Snacking means eating cake, eating crisps and generally eating things you shouldn’t in between meals. Right?


Well, not necessarily! Actually, there is mounting evidence to suggest that eating often can actually help to increase your metabolism to burn more fat. What’s more, it will help you to avoid serious hunger that can lead to overeating and it will ensure you can get a consistent influx of protein.



Mini Rolls

The secret to a great snack for losing weight – other than keeping it healthy – is to make it quick and easy to make. If your healthy snacks take an hour to make, then you’re probably just going to reach for a chocolate bar instead.


Today then, we’ll be making ‘mini rolls’. These are essentially wraps which should give you a bit of protein and some salad and thus help to fill you up a little but without causing your stomach to stretch.


Unlike most wraps though, you’re not going to be using any bread. Bread is not only high in calories but it is also a very simple card meaning it can spike your blood pressure – making you hungrier and trigger fat storage.


Instead then, you’ll use something else as the wrapper. Good examples include hollowed out peppers, pastrami (and other hams) or cabbage. These will hold your meal together but they won’t load you up on carbs and won’t hurt your calorie count.


The next step is to add your filling. Your choice of fillings is going to depend very much on your choice of wrapper but there are lots of things you can use. Here are some examples:

Pastrami: cottage cheese, pieces of onion, chutney, corn, salt and pepper.


Lettuce: spinach, piece of chicken, piece of carrot, piece of avocado (a very healthy saturated fat).


Hollowed pepper: tuna, avocado, a little chutney, salt and pepper.


Using These Recipes

The point of these recipes is to demonstrate how you can create a satisfying snack that will contain lots of nutrients and will at the same time be quick and easy to make.


The big trick with these is that you haven’t used bread. You can use this tip in other meals too – for instance you can use mushrooms in the place of buns.


Whatever you end up making, another useful tip is to make lots of snacks and put them in the fridge. If you have a steady supply of these wraps to hand that you make at the start of the week, then you’ll be far less likely to reach for a bag of crisps when you need something savory.


Of course what’s also important is that you actually enjoy what you eat. That’s why it’s crucial to try experimenting with different combinations and different recipes until you find the one that you can really enjoy. Give it a go and see how snacking can actually help you to lose that weight!